Our product galleries are not just a regular gallery. Tagged images from your other galleries will appear underneath the respective products in your dedicated "Product Galleries," available on the premium plans. Each product in your store will have its own individual gallery.

Once you have embedded the product gallery code in your product.liquid template, you will now see any photos tagged with that product on the individual product pages.


Depending on the plan you are on, our app will sync all the products from your store and show under the products gallery tab.

You can manage your product gallery in 2 ways.

1. Directly by assigning individual products with a specifically dedicated product #hashtag from the product gallery admin. If you are using this method, we would advise to only insert product specific hashtags so that all images are relevant to that product.

2. Alternatively, you can tag photos from your other galleries with the products from your store and they will automatically appear in the products galleries. Just remember to leave the checkbox ticked by clicking the dropdown menu titled "Linked Galleries"


Any tagged products will now also show up in the product gallery as well.