When you embed a product gallery on a product page, you use an embed code that looks like this:

<covet-pics-widget data-shop="your_shopify_url"></covet-pics-widget>

Our Javascript code will see if the page where this is embedded is a product page, and if it is, it will extract the product handle (product name in URL) and then it will call the specific product gallery for that specific product.

To embed a specific product's product gallery on a non-product page, you can tell Covet.pics what product you want, by adding an additional property to embed code:

For eg. on www.test.com/products/product1 product1 is the product handle property we need. Then you would just create a new embed code, like this:

<covet-pics-widget data-shop="your_shopify_url" data-product="product_handle"></covet-pics-widget>

In that embed code, you need to replace your_shopify_url with your myshopify URL, and the product_handle with the product handle on the product page URL, as mentioned above.

For eg.

<covet-pics-widget data-shop="teststore.myshopify.com" data-product="product1"></covet-pics-widget>