Responsive CSS code that will show/hide different gallery embeds depending on the size of the window

We need to have 2 gallery embeds; one for mobile and another for desktop. With this setup, we can tweak each embed and have a completely different style for each view (mobile & desktop).

Keep in mind that the mobile break-point might be different in your theme. In this example, we're using 768px as a break-point where the mobile theme changes style and becomes the desktop theme. You need to change that depending on your theme. Contact your theme developer for more information on that.

Here is the code:

<div id="covet-desktop" class="covet-pics-gallery" data-id="XYZ"></div>
<div id="covet-mobile" class="covet-pics-gallery" data-id="XYZ"></div>

Note: You must change the "XYZ" to your gallery's embed id - found in the original embed code