If you operate multiple Shopify accounts with the same products, you can now manage your Covet.pics galleries from one account. That means you can tag products and customize the gallery on one account, and it will be reflected properly across the stores you've used the embed code on, with the product tags for each specific store, automatically.

Set up

1. Contact us at support@spacesquirrel.co to enable this feature - please include the myshopify URLs for the primary, and secondary stores.

2. Install Covet.pics on all the accounts you intend to show the gallery on and select a plan.

3. Every store must use the exact same product handles.

The product handle is the end of the product page URL. To access this, open your product information page via the Product admin in Shopify. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit next to Search engine listing.

The URL Handle is what must be the exact same on each store.

4. Embed the galleries on each store, using each store's individual embed code.

ie. Primary store - uses embed code from that store, Secondary store 1 - uses embed code from Secondary store 1, Secondary store 2 - uses embed code from Secondary store 2, etc..

5. You can now tag products and this will be reflected on your secondary stores automatically. Be sure to test the product tags on your secondary stores, and make changes to your URL Handles if you encounter any issues.


Primary store: https://www.abbottlyon.com/products/signature-name-necklace-gold.

Secondary store: https://us.abbottlyon.com/products/signature-name-necklace-gold

Same gallery and product tags on both stores, and clicking Buy Now takes you to the correct product page, on the correct account. You can see in the URL that the handles are identical.