1. In the Manage Photos tab, hover over a photo and click the switch to hide or approve an image. Green=Approved; Grey=Hidden

2. You can see all the hidden posts by clicking "All Photos" in the toolbar and choosing the Hidden images (or Approved to see live images)

3. Any post you've Hidden, you can Approve later.

In Bulk:

1. Click Bulk Selection in the toolbar

2. Click anywhere on an image and it will highlight the image

3. Continue to select all the images you want Approve/Hide

4. Scroll to the top of the gallery and click Approve or Hide in the bar that has appeared

On Import/Sync:

Instead of selecting each image to Hide or Approve manually, you can approve or hide all incoming images from a feed.

1. Click the Configure Channel tab from your gallery

Under Instagram Profile or Hashtag:

2. Choose Automatic to approve all new images


3. Choose Manual to hide all new images

4. Click Save Changes


Why hide posts? Everything in your Shopify store has a purpose: to inspire browsing or to funnel towards the Buy Button. If an Instagram post doesn't have a product on, is unflattering or showing an old Sale promotion, you can hide it and give space to ones that can lead to sales and keep your store experience fresh.