If you're having a slow load time on your gallery, there could be a couple of reasons for it, but there is a way to increase the speed. We are already lazy-loading images and compressing images that are uploaded directly to Covet.pics, and all images for users on paid plans.

Images and videos are the largest assets of a website to load, so the more a page has to load initially, the slower your load speed will be. This is inevitable. However, if you can limit the initial load capacity and allow customers to easily load more when they want, then that's what you want to do.

No matter what you do, an image-heavy page will always be slower than a page with just text or a couple images. This is a workaround to help improve speed, but results may vary.

Method #1 - Show fewer images on initial load

If you have a page dedicated to your gallery, that's fantastic, but overloading the page with images will just cause speed issues. The best thing you can do is adjust the number of images to show fewer right away. This way the page will load faster and the customer can load more images if they want.

1. Open Covet.pics and select your gallery from the left menu

2. Click Customize Gallery in the top menu

3. Under Gallery Layout, adjust the Number of photos at once slider

4. Save changes

Method #2 - Compress images before uploading to Instagram

While we are compressing uploaded images, we can't compress Instagram images because we don't host them. Pre-compression is the best way to ensure the best speeds.

1. Before posting to Instagram, compress your images with something like Crush.pics or another compression software.