Connect your Instagram to your Facebook Business page:

To link your Instagram account to your brand's Facebook Page, you first need to be an admin of that Page on Facebook.

Desktop (Recommended)

1. Open Facebook and go to your Business page profile

2. Under the Manage Page menu, click the Professional Dashboard link. If you don't see this, click Settings.

3. Go to Linked Accounts in the left menu. If you don't see this, click Instagram.

4. Click Connect Account, and log into your Instagram account

5. Your Instagram account Must be a Business profile - if not, follow the instructions onscreen to convert it

To connect via Mobile, see this:

Connect to Facebook

1. In, click Instagram Connections in the left menu or go to your gallery and click the Configure Channels tab

2. Click Connect via Facebook

3. Follow the instructions on Facebook - be sure to select all available Instagram Business accounts, even if you don't use them all on this account. Allow all permissions requested as well.

4. You should be returned to once the connection is successful

If you encounter an error - "no Instagram accounts found" - See this article

If you haven't connected your Instagram account to a page on Facebook, the connection will not work. Create a page, connect your Instagram account, and try again.

Add Instagram usernames to

1. In, go to My Galleries, and select your gallery

2. Click the Instagram Sources tab and click Add +

3. In the popup, choose your @username from the dropdown menu

4. Select whether you want images to be approved automatically or manually and click Add

5. Click Save Gallery

You must connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page to be able to pull images from it. You must have a business Instagram account to do so. A Business Profile on Instagram can only be connected to a single Facebook Page. >

To set up # Hashtags, see this guide.

Troubleshooting Connections

Read more on this - Click here

If you're Instagram cannot connect to a new Facebook page

1. Disconnect your Instagram from your Facebook page by going to your Facebook page > Manage > Linked Accounts > Instagram > Disconnect

2. Switch your Instagram profile back to Personal via the Instagram mobile app

3. Go back to your Facebook page settings > Linked Accounts > Instagram > connect to your Instagram again

4. Follow the onscreen prompts to make your Instagram a business profile again

5. Reconnect with Facebook in via Account

You should then be able to go into a Gallery, click Gallery Settings, and add your Instagram username