See a Demo Site


- If you are using a Shopify 2.0 theme, you can use this guide instead, but either method will work.

- If you are having trouble embedding your gallery, please contact us and we will help you get set up properly.

Find your Embed Code

  1. Open and Select your gallery from the left menu
  2. Click the Customize Gallery tab
  3. Select the Embed to a Shopify Site option
  4. Copy the code

Embed on a Sectioned theme (Most users)

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code

3. On the left-hand list that appears, scroll down and expand the Sections folder

4. Click "Add a new section" and name it "covet-pics" - Click "Create section"


5. Delete ALL the code that is automatically in the template. Then paste the following code in the blank template:

<div data-section-id="{{ }}" data-section-type="covet-pics-feed">
 {%- assign sectionHeading = section.settings.title -%}
 {%- assign gallery_code = -%}
 <section class="home-section content-area {% if sectionHeading != blank %}has-heading{% endif %}">
   {% if sectionHeading != blank %}
     <h2 class="section-title" style="text-align:center">{{ sectionHeading }}</h2>
   {% endif %}
   <div class="covet-pics-wrap">
     {{ gallery_code }}
{% schema %}
 "name": " Gallery",
 "settings": [
     "type": "text",
     "id": "title",
     "label": "Heading",
     "default": "Instagram feed"
     "type": "textarea",
     "id": "gallery-code",
     "label": "Gallery Embed Code"
 "presets": [
     "category": "Image",
     "name": " gallery"
{% endschema %}


6. Click Save and then click the Customize Theme button in the top right

7. Click Add Section and then click on Gallery and Add

8. In, go to your gallery and click the Customize Gallery tab

9. Click the Embed to Website button in the upper left to get and copy your gallery embed code

10. Back in the Shopify Theme Customizer, Paste your gallery embed code in the empty box - Click Save

Embed on a Non-Sectioned theme

1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code


3. Under Templates, find the Index.liquid file and paste your code wherever you'd like to see your gallery. If that is at the bottom of the home page, then paste it as seen in the screenshot below.

Note: It's important to note that not all themes are the same and if you are having trouble finding the exact location you'd like, ask us or your theme developer for help.

4. Click Save in the top right and click the Preview button above that to see your changes.