Instagram is randomly changing image URLs and not updating the API with a call, so we have no way of tracking these changes - it's a bug on Instagram's end.

1. Go to the Manage Photos tab of your gallery

2. Click the Sync Images button just above the gallery images. Wait about 10-15 minutes and refresh the entire webpage and the images should appear.

If they don't appear:

3. Click on the image from the Manage Photos tab and click the link to the Instagram Post. If it says the post no longer exists, then the post was deleted and you will need to manually hide / remove the image from

4. Go to Settings in the app and Facebook Authentication click Reconnect on your Facebook account. Click the Sync Images button above the images from the Manage Photos page. Wait 10-15 minutes and then refresh the webpage.

5. Go to Configure Channels and delete the Instagram feed. Click Save Changes (if available), and then re-add the feed, and click Save Changes again.

6. Go to Settings in the apps and remove your Facebook account. Then re-add it.

After any step, Sync your images.

Note: We have found a way to avoid this issue for users on paid plans. We can now host your images and compress them for better loading speeds, and this means that changing URLs would no longer affect you. It's expensive for us to run so that's why it's only on the paid plans.