Customer Photos allows your customers to upload their own images to either a standalone "customer" gallery, or to any of your other galleries, so that you can approve them and add a social aspect to your galleries.

There are two ways to use this feature:

  1. Standalone Customer Gallery

A standalone Customer Gallery is great if you already have lots of engaged users, or if you are planning on growing user-generated content. You can automatically send Photo request emails to ask customers to upload images to the gallery and create user generated content(UGC) this way.

  1. Integrate an upload widget into existing regular galleries

If you don't want an extra gallery, you can simply add an upload widget to existing galleries so that customers can upload directly to them. From there, you can approve them or keep them hidden. It's a great way to showcase your own content alongside your customer's content.

You can also send automatic emails to customers who have ordered from your store asking them to upload images to the gallery. This can even be incentivised with a discount code!

Learn how to set this up on our how-to guide - Click here

Check out this awesome example from Twobirds: