Customer Photos allows your customers to upload their own images to your gallery so that you can approve them and add a social aspect to your galleries. Learn more about what a Customer Gallery is - Click here

Create and Customize your Customer Gallery

1. Open and click Customer Gallery in the left menu


2. This is the area where you'll see images that customers have uploaded

If they are not approved yet, they will appear greyed out.
Hover over the image to Approve/Hide images. You can also hover and click Edit to Tag Products and edit aspects of the post.


3. Click the Photo Requests tab

This will show you a history of any requests that were automatically or manually made.
You can also click the Create Manual Request button in the top right to send a photo request manually.

4. Click the Customer Photo Settings tab

This page gives you the opportunity to edit your email preferences, auto-approve/hide settings, and text for the feature.

The first section titled "Customer Photos - General Settings" gives you the option to upload images after your approval or automatically. Select Manual if you want to approve images manually or select Automatic if you want uploaded images to be visible immediately.

On the right is where you can select which galleries the upload widget will show up on.


"Customize Photo Upload Widget" gives you the option to change the text in the upload pop up that will appear when a customer uploads an image. Click through the Step 1, Step 2, & Step 3 tabs to change all the text.


"Customer Photos Request Automation" lets you set up your automatic emails that will be sent to your customers. The drop-down with days is how long after fulfillment that the email will be sent.
You can also change the option in the Send Request dropdown to Disabled if you do not want to send automatic email requests.


Once this is all set, click Save in the top right corner.

5. (Optional) Include an "Add your Photo" square to your gallery

Open any gallery in and click the Customize Gallery tab.
Click the new Customer Photos tab on the left and you can add a square for customers to upload by selecting a position for it under Widget Position In Gallery

If you want to use a custom upload widget, you can use it by uploading it to the Choose Widget Icon area.


Embed your Customer Gallery

Like your other galleries, the Customer Gallery has its own embed code that you can add to any page on your website. If you need any help with placing it, let us know.