Show Gallery Endpoint

URL Structure

URL is same as a gallery embed URL but with ".json" at the end:

Here is an example:

Data Structure

"success": true,
"total_pages": INTEGER,
"items" : [
   "id": INTEGER,
   "post_id" : INTEGER,
   "data_type": STRING,
   "source": STRING,
   "username": STRING,
   "caption": STRING,
   "images": {
         "medium_resolution": STRING,
         "high_resolution": STRING
    "cover_images": {
         "medium_resolution": STRING,
         "high_resolution": STRING
    "video": {
         "medium_resolution": STRING
     "links": [
          "id": INTEGER,
          "link": STRING,
          "title": STRING,
          "image": STRING,
          "shopify_product_id": INTEGER

Data Info

total_pages - pagination info, you can request next page by adding ?page=2 at the end of endpoint URL


  • data_type: 1 - image, 2 - video, 3 - carousel (Instagram carousel post)
  • source: 1 - Instagram, 2 - Manual Post, 3 - Customer Photo
  • caption: if Instagram, caption from Instagram post, otherwise caption added when manually uploading or when customer added a photo
  • images: main images in 3 different resolutions,
  • cover_images: optional cover image, used to show different image for the thumbnail, for eg. here is a PRESS gallery, showing one image as a thumbnail and then different one for the main popup image
  • videos: at the moment, only Instagram Videos; posts with videos will also have images hash with video screenshot.

Image Resolution - Instagram Post

  • Standard & High resolution are the same - max. at 1080x1080px, Instagram API returns only one image size.

Image Resolution - Manual Post / Customer Photo Post

  • Standard: 640x
  • High: 1080x

We are using ImageMagic geometry to resize our images. 640x will resize image to 640x in width and it will keep proportions so height will be calculated based on image dimensions.

Post Links

Each Post can have multiple Post links. Post link can be a Product or URL. URL link can  also have Title. Product link will have just a Shopify Product ID.