Galleries that sell.

customer photos

Invite your customers to upload their own photos.

not just a #hashtag

Don't let the Instagram be the only place where you're asking for photos. Combine it with a call-to-action that opens an upload widget.

Ruby Olive have powered-up their Ambassadors feed by combining their Instagram hashtag with the Photo Upload widget. Smart idea: pinning your hashtag photo to the top of the beautiful ambassadors gallery!

ask anywhere

Any gallery you have can be enriched by customer-uploaded photos.

You can activate the widget on your homepage slider, your Lookbook and Ambassador galleries, or even on a Product page, like Julegenser Butikken is successfully doing here.

simple interface

Your customers will love the simplicity of the Upload Photo widget. Customize it to speak to the user in your brand's voice and the experience will be impossible to resist.

Skishaggys as one of our Customer Photos early adopters have curated an exciting gallery featuring their products and customers in real-life action.

Easy setup

Have your Customer Photos set up within 5 minutes.

automate emails

Automatically send e-mail reminders and ask customers to share photos of your product. Define how the e-mails are triggered after purchase and test your emails immediately.


customize upload popup

Setup the Upload Widget to get the most out of the interaction with the user. Define what the popup will say in all three steps of the photo uploading.

Learn more about setting up your Customer Photos in our Knowledge Base.

Free Migration Service

Switching from another app to Let us make your life easier. When signing up for any paid plan, sit back and relax while we migrate all your galleries, photos, and tagged products to your store.

Get your turnkey galleries in your brand style. Contact us if you’re interested in our Free Migration Service.

we've got you covered

Space Squirrel is committed to creating powerful, affordable and user-friendly Shopify apps. Our Knowledge Database is regularly updated with how-tos and tricks. If you are ever stuck, wish to scale or just to ask us something, do not hesitate to contact us.

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